Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Conclusion - Getting more visitors

Now you've got a good blog - how do you get more people to visit? Beyond telling all your friends and family, here are some ideas.

1 - Join in - Visit other blogs like yours and join in with comments, leaving your URL. People will follow.

2 - Join in - When you see a blog you like, chances are it belongs to a ring, for example London Daily Photo belongs to London Photobloggers and Blogging Brits, so join some yourself.

3 - Join in - Participate in a forum related to your interest. For example, I often post in Photo Forums, I leave my URL at the end of each post.

4 - Join in - Exchange links with similar sites, you link to them and they link to you. More traffic goes to both.

Thank you so much. I picked up many good tips, and links to useful tools. StatCounter is the best, isn't it.

Here's my photos, from a very different part of the world from you! http://www.pbase.com/adrianhob/galleries
Someday I'll do a photo-a-day.

I spent 3 days in London in March of 2002 and have fond memories.
Great suggestions - and thanks for spending the time to sharing them! :)
Thanks for the clear and concise tutorials Ham. I regularly check out your London Daily Photo blog and must say I enjoy it very much.

I am currently experimenting with two blogs, a photo one, and general musings one. The stats counter is the best I've seen and have placed it on both.
Very Helpful. Thanks so much.
Thanks so much. I'm just getting started and this is the best information I've found.
Hi Ham
I have been thinking of creating blog for a while and yesterday thanks to your help I have done just that. I have been a user of Statcounter maybe 3 years it is great. Thanks, Paul.
Hi Ham
I really am very new at this and could use your help. I started my blog called www.noosapictures.com.au a couple of weeks back and I'm trying a/ to find out if it's of interest to people and b/ interested in how you leave your URL at the end of a comment. Would you be able to give me an example? Would it also be possible to check out my blog and give me your thoughts on if you think it has value? I really appreciate your help in advance.
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