Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Step 2 - Getting photos on the blog

I'm not going to describe each step of this, instead I'm going to take you through the steps and elaborate more if people ask.

Step 1 - Install Picasa 2 from Picasa. If you have Picasa 1 installed, un-install first, and then install Picasa 2. You NEED Picasa 2.

Step 2 - Get used to Picasa - it rocks. It's free, easy and versatile.

Step 3 - Select the photo you want to blog, and click the "Blog this" button in Picasa. You will be asked to log in - you can then choose a size and type the text. YOU MUST have Internet Explorer running and open on your PC for this to work. If you don't the photo may not upload.

Step 4 - Open the Blogger Dashboard and edit the post you have just made if you want to.

Thank you so, so, so very much for this post. I haven't been able to upload images for the past couple of days, but I remembered reading about Picasa on this blog so I decided to try it and it works great!! Three cheers for Ham!
I have Picasa but have had some difficulties blogging my photos from it. I do it from my memory stick instead except it worked for awhile this week. I probably have Picasa 1. But if I un-install it, will I loose all my photos?
No, you won't lose any photos. Picasa will not delete anything. Even when you edit a picture, it always keeps the original for you.
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