Thursday, January 12, 2006


Tuning - putting links in text

Putting links in text is similar to putting them in the template - you are going to use HTML - the language that gives your browser commands to do things.

Almost all HTML commands are in pairs - a start command in angled brackets, < and > - in my examples I'm going to use square brackets [ and ], otherwise you won't see them. You need to replace the square brackets with angled ones. The closing command is the same, but starting with a "/".

Easier to show you - for example, to make text bold you put a B in before - [B] and a /B after - [/B]. For strikethrough an [S] before, and [/S] after.

The command to put a link in comments is similar, but has another bit - the URL you want to jump to. Example is like this: [a href=""] and at the end [/a]. That will result in anyone who clicks on "and at the end" to be taken to Note that in comments, the quote marks and the http:// bit are both essential - and don't forget, angled not square brackets!!

Last bit - if you are writing a link in a post you can make the link appear in a new window by adding the parameter target="_blank" YOU CANNOT DO THIS IN A COMMENT BOX. In our example this would look like this: [a href="" target="_blank"] and at the end [a] Now, someone clicking will go to the same place, but in a new browser window.

[a href="" target="_blank"]

ok im trying this. let's see if it works. it doesn't. I don't know what the hell i'm doing, but it's certainly wrong.
OK - I'll make it clearer. In a comment you cannot add the target="_blank" parameter. JUST a href= and the URL in quotes. That's it.
let's see...
madrid dailyphoto blog is updated!
cool :)
Thanks for all your help here!
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