Saturday, January 14, 2006


Tuning - putting Links on your blog

This describes how to put links on a page that let people click to go to another page.

This is a little bit technical but links are very important and aren't that difficult. To have links appear on your page, you need to edit the Template (use the template tab in Blogger Dashboard)

First, backup your template. Click in the template window and Select All by hitting -A (hold down the ctrl key and touch "A"), then copy by hitting -C. Open up Word processor (or notepad) and paste (either Edit->Paste or -V). Save this file calling it "Template before changes"

Next, find the link section of your template. You will find it near the bottom, in a section that says "Links". Now look for the lines that look like :

<>li> <>a href=> Description here <>/a> <>/li>

Create a line where "http://anysitehere" is replaced with the URL of your link, and the "Description here" is what you call it. You can have as many links as you like.

Save your changes and republish your blog, then check the link you just made. If you want the person to click to have the link open in a new window do this: AFTER the URL but BEFORE the >, type "target=_blank", without the quotes but with the underline.

Thats it.

Note for Daily City Photobloggers: To pick up the most up-to-date list of sites, visit Copy the links that you find there from the point:

"<>h2 class="sidebar-title"<>Daily Photo"

right to the end:
<>ul<> - that can be a bit tricky. Once you have highlighted - <>ctrl>C to copy is good. Paste as links, like above and save. Don't forget to back up your template before you start!!!

I think the template must be different for the BETA templates. Can you figure out where I insert the HTML code for the city link list?
Help - brand new to this -- how can I import a whole list of links (the daily photo list of links) rather than inputting each one?
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