Monday, January 16, 2006


Tuning - The Settings tab on dashboard controls

This page describes the Blogger dashboard settings tab.

Basic - the only one you may want to change is "Add your Blog to our listings?" to "No" while you are mcking around. Remember to switch it back to yes when you are ready for the outside world.

Publishing - you don't need to change

Formatting - all self explanatory , you will probablywant to change
-> Number of posts to show on the main page
-> Time Zone

Comments - You will probably want to change to allow anyone to comment (it's nice having comments!) and have comments appear in a popup window, so visitors aren't navigated away from your page.

Archiving - self explanatory, no need to change

Site feed - all to do with RSS, just ignore

eMail - self explanatory

Members - no need to do aything

Hey that's excellently and simply put together by the way step 1 2 & 3
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