Sunday, January 15, 2006


Tuning - the Template tab on dashboard controls

This describes what to do with the Blogger Dashboard template settings.

The main thing you need to know about the template is that if you choose to change to a new one, all changes you make will be lost. Make certain that the template you choose suits you and has all the necessary elements on the page - notably, Links and Archives. So, what changes would you want to make? Here are the main ones:

Links - adding links to your favourite sites, and ones that link to you.

Stats - adding in code that provides you with information aboutvisitors to your site.

I'll post a section dealing with each of those. Truth is, you can do much more than this, but those are the key starters.

A good way to backup your template is to go into the Template editing screen, key -A (Hold down the Control key & press "A") to select the entire template, -C to copy it, then paste into a notepad (or word) document and save. Then, if you ever need to you can paste it back.

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