Friday, January 20, 2006


What's it all about?

The first question, is "Why Blog?" or even, what??

Let's jump right in with why. It's fun. This is all about vanity publishing: it was seeing the Paris Daily Photo blog that made me think, "I'd like to do that!". It was a combination of good photos and interesting words that seemed to add to the the sum total of good stuff in the world. I wanted to do that.

Now, what is a blog. That's easy too. It is a website which is arranged by date. It is up to you how often you do it. There are lots of services available that make it easy to do without any technical knowledge. Best of all, they are free!

So, within 30 minutes of deciding, I was a blogger. I'm pretty technically literate, so I've written this blog so you can follow me and do the same. I should say that as I'm interested in Photography, my instructions will be geared to creating a Photo Blog.

I have two main blogs, London Daily Photo and My Other Stuff. Take a look, see what you think, leave comments if you feel like it. Browse the blogs, following the links especially from blogs you like, and get a feel for it.

I just came across your blog. Thanks for the hints.
I've been enjoying daily photo blogs, and started looking around the blogging world..thanks for the help to join in! ....and your photos are a real pleasure!
thanks ham, i liked it so much i started my own daily photo blog!
Excellent tips! Many thanks and I will be dropping back often for more!

J x
Great tips

Hoping to be posting a few photos with my new digi
You have some great stuff here. Well observed. CG
Thanks very much Ham. I love your site and it's inspired me to set up my own modest site.

Your instructions are really easy and clear to follow, but I'm glad the latest edition of Blogger does everything for you now!
i am searching for photoblog template, and i find you
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